Bergeron Selke Finalist, No Update on Seids

“The best two-way player” is a common phrase that gets tossed around whenever you talk about Patrice Bergeron. He is well-known for being a fantastic defense playing forward. This morning he was listed as one of three finalists for the Frank J. Selke Trophy, the trophy that he is currently in possesion of having won it last year.

“The Frank J. Selke Trophy is awarded annually to the National Hockey League forward who demonstrates the most skill in the defensive component of the game. The winner is selected by a poll of the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association following the regular season.”

The other nominees are Pavel Datsyuk from the Detroit Red Wings, and Jonathan Toews from the Chicago Blackhawks. Datsyuk is nominated for his sixth straight season, and has already won the award three times. Toews was second in face-off win percentage (59.9%) to Bergeron (62.1%), and is tied for takeaways with Datsyuk(56). All three of these players could easily take away this award.

Of course, we all want to see Bergeron take it again.

In other news, there was no update on Dennis Seidenberg this morning after practice. He, Ference and Redden were all MIA from the rink. Torey Krug was present however, so finger’s crossed he gets ice time come Thursday night. (I just really want to see him play okay?)

Cam Neely advises that while the Rangers “lack the speed [the Leafs] had… [the Rangers] will make up for it with physicality.” Hopefully Lucic can bottle that beast mode he unleashed in the last ten minutes of Monday night’s game and we can start finishing checks and bruise the Rangers up.

Incase you need an adrenaline rush, watch Jack’s reaction to Bergeron’s goal in OT.

Tomorrow night it starts again!
Get your rally towels waving, and Go B’s!




Lauryn and I, pregame game faces.

Lauryn and I, pregame game faces.

The Bruins came back from a FOUR – ONE DEFICIT TO WIN IN OVERTIME. I’LL SHOUT IN CAPS IF I WANT TOO. I was there and I can’t even put into words the emotions. The guy next to me was losing heart fast as fans in the ice seats started leaving around the ten minute mark. BUT THEY DID IT. Horton scores with nine minute back, and it was like a bleep on a heart monitor. The fans went from close to mourning to tense silence. Could they make the comeback?

My friend and I were on the edges of our seats. We pull Rask and 18:38 sees Lucic net one. Forget edge of our seats we were standing now. One more we needed ONE more. I stopped texting my dad the score after it was 4-2. Can’t jinx it. Don’t even think, no bad mojo coming out of me for that last two minutes.


I just watched the replay and still waves of excitement crash over me. I screamed, jumped, cheered, high fives all around! Unfreakingbelievable. But we still had fifty seconds left and THEY HAD A WICKED CHANCE TO TAKE IT. BUT IT DIDN’T MATTER BECAUSE OVERTIME. BECAUSE ITS THE CUP.

The hallway between the end of regulation and OT was crazy! High fives everywhere chants, cheers, I called my dad I think I left two crazy screaming messages. I didn’t even want to think of what was about to happen. Either they would win it and it would be the greatest comeback EVER (No seriously, its the first time this has ever happened), or they’d go out swinging.

I’m looking at the time of Bergeron’s goal now and I can’t believe that was really six minutes of play. It felt like one! Everyone was on their feet, screaming, cheering. And then he scored and forgettaboutit the place erupted! I was still riding the high when I woke up this morning. Wired for days.

I was keeping track of the Ranger’s game on the little scoreboard in the Garden. I stopped looking at it after it was 3-0, and after OT I recieved a text from my friend saying “5-0 Rangers, game one?” and I’m dying. My two favorite teams are playing against each other for the Eastern Conference Semifinals?! Shut the front door. (Sorry to all Dad’s work buddies, those tickets are MINE).

Ahhh I guess I can move onto the news portion of this program, Adam McQuaid was named as a finalist for the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy. “The Masterton Trophy is given to the player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey. Other finalists include Minnesota goaltender Josh Harding and Pittsburgh forward Sidney Crosby.”

Torey Krug is getting called up from Providence today as Dennis Seidenberg only played :37 seconds in last night’s game, and is out injured. Speaking of Providence Defense, Matt Bartkowski’s first ever NHL goal was last night in the first period. Not to mention he and Johnny Boychuk got the memo to throw body’s around. Good job for our D last night. Ridiculous.

There’s also a really good interview with Shawn Thornton here, and I’m not just saying that because he’s my favorite. I want to see the replay of his almost goal in the third. When asked if the Bruins were tired Shawn responded “No. Not now, I’m wired right now… I think this time of year that tired is just a state of mind, I think you can really fight through it, you can be tired tomorrow or the next day, but thats my personal opinion.”

Notable tweets from Charelli’s interview this morning:

We’ve got game one coming up Thursday night at the Garden! Game two Sunday afternoon at three, game three on Tuesday night, and game three is Thursday night. Game five if needed is scheduled for the 25th, game six next Monday, and game seven Wednesday the 29th.

I hope it goes to seven. Charelli said this morning that the Rangers “Play like us”, and it’s expected to be a low scoring series as both teams have phenomenal goaltending and a hard time finding the back of the net. Which is interesting as both teams managed to net five goals in both of their game sevens last night.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Keep it here for Playoff news and injury updates!

Go B’s!


We caught up with Adam McQuaid and Dougie Hamilton post-game!

We caught up with Adam McQuaid and Dougie Hamilton post-game!

What Did I Tell You?

Did I not say the Bruins were going to drag this series out?

I did, didn’t I. Now we’ve got a game six Sunday night at seven-thirty. My dad’s pissed he can’t watch it. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up and get a real job. Game seven would be Monday night at seven. If it needs to go that far (please Bruins, don’t make it go that far). Granted if it does, I’ve got my hands on some premium balcony seats.

I really don’t have much to say on how they’ve been playing. Mostly because I have a not-real-life job and get stuck working game nights. I was hoping for overtime tonight so I’d be able to come home for some of the game. Alas no. But I did watch the NYRangers lose (boo) and the LAKings win (yay!). Playoff hockey is the best man.

I can write about whatever I want, and what I really want to talk about are the Islanders. Like who would have thought those little guys would have two wins over the Penguins? Happy days! I’m missing their game tomorrow because of work but I’ll still be cheering them on.

Baaack to black and gold, (see what I did there), after reading the post-game interviews all the guys are upset. Clearly. They lost, and a lot of them acknowledge that they weren’t playing the full 60minutes.

Oh I guess I do have things to talk about. Like Matt Bartkowski being called up for his first NHL playoff game. Claude Julien must really not like Dougie. Hah. Just kidding, Bartkowski shoots left, Hamilton right. We saw what having Ference on the off-side did to us the other night, and Seidenberg on the left side was just baaaad. Thus calling Bart up, to keep our players on their preferred ice-sides, is Julien’s motive.

It’s been a rocky playoff run for Ference, who had to sit out in Game 2. When talking to Globe staff he called sitting out, “Nerve-racking… You’re just sitting there. I think I probably bruised Daugy’s arm, hitting him so many times. You just hate it. But that’s the way it is.” (Daugy being the affectionate team nickname for Kaspars Daugavins).

Our team is hurting without Wade Redden right now, and who would have thought that seasoned vet was going to be what our team needed? His injury is day-to-day, so hopefully we will see him back on Sunday and our D will tighten up. From looking at the highlights those were some piss-poor plays from our defense. Ference and Boychuk are both looking pretty guilty tonight. Had I watched I would probably have negative commentary on Chara, but alas all I can say now is good for him getting our only goal of the night.

Fun fact: If we see a playoff goal by Jaromir Jagr this run he will tie Jean Beliveau for 10th on the all-time playoff goals list with 79 ^BB. Jagr is just setting all of the records with the Bruins.

Also the Rangers need to come back, force a game seven, and win this business. I do not want to face the Caps in the playoffs again. Every time I hear Holtby’s name I get increasingly violent. I’m just glad our AHL team came back and kicked their AHL team in the butt. Take that Hershey! Also for anyone interested, the PBruins beat the Wilkes Barre Scranton Penguins 8-5 tonight in Providence for Game 1 of the AHL Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.

Anyway, now that Finals week is over and I’m a graduate I will have more time to write posts full of nonsense like this one. So keep it here for more playoff fun facts and trivia and ramblings. I leave you with a quote from our extremely tall captain, Zee: “It’s the playoffs. You can’t be sitting on your wins or your losses. You’ve got to move on.”

And move on we shall.
Hopefully with more fire.

Go B’s!


Never Underestimate your Opponent

If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far in these quarter finals matchups, is that anything can happen. Seriously, anything. The Wild and the Islanders are putting up the biggest fight against the Blackhawks and Penguins respectfully. Also the Leafs, the Toronto Maple Leafs, beat the Boston Bruins on Saturday night. How? Phil Kessel even managed to score Saturday night after not even having a shot on net until the third period of Game one. Talk about frustrating.

Granted, it might just be my luck, I knew I shouldn’t have made a bracket. If I get anything right I will be more than surprised.

This even counts for the AHL. Even the Providence Bruins lost their first two games against the Hershey Bears who were eighth seed, to Providence’s first. Just in this last weekend Providence managed to have a fantastic comeback, 5-1 on Saturday, and 5-4 today. Unlike the NHL these teams only have to win three games, making Wednesday Night’s game five one to see.

Back to the NHL boys. I don’t know what it is about the Bruins. They manage to underestimate their opponent when they feel they can be cocky. Saturday’s game is a perfect example. Toronto came to play and Boston thought they were going to ride a sweep. I knew Toronto wasn’t going to let their first playoff stint since 05 be a sweep, there’s no way they are going to go down without a fight. Now that we are headed into Leaf territory the boys should be more focused now than ever.

Joe Haggerty hassled Dennis Seidenberg about how they came out in game one and managed to flip a switch from how they were playing towards the end of the season. Apparently they were jesting too soon. We can only wait for Game 3 Monday night to see if the Bruins boys show up to play or if they’ll struggle through this round.

I’ll be with you throughout the playoffs so keep it here on Back to Black and Gold!

Go B’s!

Because It’s the Cup.

Boston Bruins with Stanley Cup

Boston Bruins with Stanley Cup (Photo credit: slidingsideways)

The Boston Bruins start their playoff run tomorrow night at 7:00pm against the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

The Bruins’ Playoff run ended abrubtly last season. A heartbreaking loss in OT during game seven against the Washington Capitals in the Quarterfinals demolished the chance of a repeat 2011 Cup run. 

The Leafs haven’t seen the playoffs since before the 04/05 NHL Lockout and they haven’t won a championship since 1967! The Bruins have won nine of the last ten games against Toronto, however this could still be an interesting matchup. In April this season the Bruins were 2-1-0 agaist the Leafs, one of the wins coming from a shootout. 

These Original Six teams sparked new fuel to their rivalry fire when Phil Kessel was traded to the Leafs for drafts picks, which turned into Tyler Seguin, Dougie Hamilton, and PBruin Jared Knight. “Thank You Kessel” is a common chant when the Leafs blow into the Garden, along side a “boo”ing when he touches the puck. While Kessel scores big numbers for Toronto, leading the team with goals and assists, he manages to disappear when playing his former team. 

Joe Haggerty reports that Claude wants nothing to do with gossip about Kessel. It is not surprising since the two never really got along. Claude wanted to put an end to Kessel inquires immediately, “First of all, I have no intention of talking about other players on other teams… That’s got nothing to do with me… I can tell you Zdeno Chara is one of the best shutdown D’s in the league, and that’s what we utilize him for.”

Patrice Bergeron is positive about the playoffs. Having their first multi-day break since the end of March might have helped.

My NHL bracket has the Bruins sweeping the Leafs in four. However it’s no secret how much the Bruins love their game sevens, so this could draw itself out. It all starts tomorrow!!

Go B’s!


Winter Classic, Not So Classic Anymore

The Winter Classic, one outside game played on January 1st every year to spark a holiday event in hockey mid-season. A tradition that started in 2008 when the Pittsburgh Penguins played the Buffalo Sabers on the Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park, New York. The event was such a hit with a crowd breaking record, that it sparked a fire. There has been a Winter Classic every year since, except for 2013. Most notably for this blog being the 2010 matchup between the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers in Fenway Park.

My point being, the Winter Classic is supposed to be just that, a classic. An event held once a year to have lasting significance or worth. Its going to be really hard to be an enduring value when the NHL is prepared to host not just one, not just two, but a whole handful of extra outdoor games on top of the already announced Winter Classic scheduled between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings to take place in Michigan Stadium, in Ann Arbor Michigan.

This Winter Classic was supposed to be held this year, January 1st, 2013. However the obnoxious NHL lockout prevented this growing tradition. Instead it will be head in 2014, same time, same place.

This post is more focused on the other games. They take place towards the end of January and the start of March. These games are striking up a controversy within the NHL fan base. Many fans argue that these additional games are going too far. They are going to take away from the excitement and feel of the what-should-have-been solo Winter Classic. Why should fans rally around the January 1st game when they can pick one of six to put their money behind instead?

On the plus side, this gives other teams a greater probability of taking part in one of these outdoor spectacles. Giving them an opportunity to grow their fan bases, and create a buzz to attract more profit. However the Rangers, Penguins, and Blackhawks will be making multiple outdoor appearances, while other teams are still left on their own.

These extra outdoor games host a number of big name rivalries. These games will draw in a large crowd, but the smaller rivalries will fall to the way-side.

I think the NHL jumped the gun with all of these outdoor games. The Winter Classic was budding in reputation, fans were still excited for it every year, they just started the HBO series. Now though, things are going to be different. They are going to bleed this marketing opportunity dry. Tsk.  Fans will still show support for their teams of course, but no more interest in the once a season Winter Classic.

.Anyway, that’s my take. Big mistake.

Go B’s!



Here are the scheduled outdoor games for next season:

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Detroit Red Wings 1/1 @ Michigan Stadium

Anaheim Ducks vs. LA Kings 1/25 @ Dodger Stadium

New Jersey Devils vs. New York Rangers 1/26 @ Yankee Stadium

New York Islanders vs. New York Rangers 1/29 @ Yankee Stadium

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Chicago Blackhawks 3/01 @ Soldier Field

Ottawa Senators vs. Vancouver Canucks 3/02 @ BC Place

Video: ‘Traveling Jagrs’ add Boston member

When it comes to Jagr, the one thing that everyone talks about is his bodacious mullet. Majestic and beautiful in it’s form, these extreme Jagr fans want to canonize it’s glory. With his latest jersey change, it came time to induct a Bruins Jagr into the mix, in a heartfelt moving ceremony.

Did you cry too?

Go B’s!



Sure, it’s been a while since Jaromir Jagr rocked a mullet (or even questionable facial hair), but the “Traveling Jagrs” honor his star-journeyman career by chronicling his many stops in jersey form. Now that the future Hall of Famer has been traded to the Boston Bruins, it only seems natural that the group added a Boston member.

Apparently they take the process very fake-seriously, too:

[nbcsports_video src= service=nhl width=590 height=353 fv=catid=0&id=241954&server=]

Interesting that New York Rangers Jagr did the honors …

(Screenshot via’s video.)

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