Never Underestimate your Opponent

If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far in these quarter finals matchups, is that anything can happen. Seriously, anything. The Wild and the Islanders are putting up the biggest fight against the Blackhawks and Penguins respectfully. Also the Leafs, the Toronto Maple Leafs, beat the Boston Bruins on Saturday night. How? Phil Kessel even managed to score Saturday night after not even having a shot on net until the third period of Game one. Talk about frustrating.

Granted, it might just be my luck, I knew I shouldn’t have made a bracket. If I get anything right I will be more than surprised.

This even counts for the AHL. Even the Providence Bruins lost their first two games against the Hershey Bears who were eighth seed, to Providence’s first. Just in this last weekend Providence managed to have a fantastic comeback, 5-1 on Saturday, and 5-4 today. Unlike the NHL these teams only have to win three games, making Wednesday Night’s game five one to see.

Back to the NHL boys. I don’t know what it is about the Bruins. They manage to underestimate their opponent when they feel they can be cocky. Saturday’s game is a perfect example. Toronto came to play and Boston thought they were going to ride a sweep. I knew Toronto wasn’t going to let their first playoff stint since 05 be a sweep, there’s no way they are going to go down without a fight. Now that we are headed into Leaf territory the boys should be more focused now than ever.

Joe Haggerty hassled Dennis Seidenberg about how they came out in game one and managed to flip a switch from how they were playing towards the end of the season. Apparently they were jesting too soon. We can only wait for Game 3 Monday night to see if the Bruins boys show up to play or if they’ll struggle through this round.

I’ll be with you throughout the playoffs so keep it here on Back to Black and Gold!

Go B’s!



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