Because It’s the Cup.

Boston Bruins with Stanley Cup

Boston Bruins with Stanley Cup (Photo credit: slidingsideways)

The Boston Bruins start their playoff run tomorrow night at 7:00pm against the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

The Bruins’ Playoff run ended abrubtly last season. A heartbreaking loss in OT during game seven against the Washington Capitals in the Quarterfinals demolished the chance of a repeat 2011 Cup run. 

The Leafs haven’t seen the playoffs since before the 04/05 NHL Lockout and they haven’t won a championship since 1967! The Bruins have won nine of the last ten games against Toronto, however this could still be an interesting matchup. In April this season the Bruins were 2-1-0 agaist the Leafs, one of the wins coming from a shootout. 

These Original Six teams sparked new fuel to their rivalry fire when Phil Kessel was traded to the Leafs for drafts picks, which turned into Tyler Seguin, Dougie Hamilton, and PBruin Jared Knight. “Thank You Kessel” is a common chant when the Leafs blow into the Garden, along side a “boo”ing when he touches the puck. While Kessel scores big numbers for Toronto, leading the team with goals and assists, he manages to disappear when playing his former team. 

Joe Haggerty reports that Claude wants nothing to do with gossip about Kessel. It is not surprising since the two never really got along. Claude wanted to put an end to Kessel inquires immediately, “First of all, I have no intention of talking about other players on other teams… That’s got nothing to do with me… I can tell you Zdeno Chara is one of the best shutdown D’s in the league, and that’s what we utilize him for.”

Patrice Bergeron is positive about the playoffs. Having their first multi-day break since the end of March might have helped.

My NHL bracket has the Bruins sweeping the Leafs in four. However it’s no secret how much the Bruins love their game sevens, so this could draw itself out. It all starts tomorrow!!

Go B’s!



9 thoughts on “Because It’s the Cup.

  1. A. The knowledge of the Bruins is what you value and the posts resemble your main focus on each of the games, players and there season. I think its a great way to show the employer what you want to accomplish and write about.

    B. Your skills in writing is very unique in a sense where you discuss the season of the Bruins but also show social media through each of the post which I think is very interesting and creative.

  2. The communal value that you portray is your obvious love for the game, so your employer will appreciate your passion. Also, coming with that love is the knowledge of someone who has followed puck for a very long time.

    I like your use of hyperlinks, they add on to the story. They are not random hyperlinks either, they are useful and not just thrown in there to meet a requirement. Also, your varying rhythms allows the reader to stay interested and make it all the way to the bottom of your post.

  3. A. You are clearly very passionate about your love for the Bruins. You have the ability to grab the attention of people who would otherwise be clueless about the Bruins. Any employer would be able to identify how passionate you would be if you were to write a blog for the Bruins.

    B. I really like the color scheme of this blog. You speak to your readers as a coach and are very informative. The specific content you choose to discuss makes your enthusiasm about the Bruins shine.

  4. a) Your future employee will clearly love your passion that you display throughout these blogs. A second communal value that you display is your knowledge for other teams around the league not just the bruins.
    b) One thing that I liked about this blog personally was the title and the layout. It is very unique. Also the topic of the Bruins is going to be a very hot topic since the playoffs started a couple days ago so you should expect more readers very soon.

  5. A1 – You understand the affinity your readers have for the Bruins, it is more than a team, it is a religion. You always have the best things to say and follow this team carefully.

    A2 – The employer is going to want someone who lives, breathes and dreams Bruins…something you obviously do. They are also going to want someone that is educated as well however and you are. You know the game and you know how this team interacts with other teams. This aspect is super important.

    B1 – You always wrap your post in a story form. Reading about sports can get boring because many times they all follow the same format, but you actually tell a bit of a story in your post and I think this is something the Bruins would love…they are not a low class team and they need quality writing abilities, something you possess.

    B2 – As a narrator, you give a voice to the happenings within the sport. You are able to make people interested in what is going on in the world of the Bruins even if they don’t follow it closely. This skill is important.

  6. A. This blog itself shows that you are a true Bruins fan. Because of that it shows that you have a lot of passion when talking about this topic. You not only just tell a story but you dig in deep to get to what the readers would actually be interested in, which is a great quality.

    B. Your writing skills gets the readers involved with what your saying, and you truly write in story form. I enjoy that you seem to involve an outside source such as Twitter, and show what some important people tweet. I enjoy you title picture too for it shows your special liking for the Bruins.

  7. Right away you can tell that you are a huge advocate for the Boston Bruins. Your bog looks great and really attracts the readers eye. You can tell that you have put a lot of effort into this class and employers notice those kinds of things. The tone in which you write this blog is really what shows your love. you write with such passion and emotion which really makes the reader want to keep reading.

  8. A) You show that you are a big Bruins fan, as well as a fan of the NHL with your reference of the “Original 6.” It feels like you are talking directly to the fans, especially becasue of your “sign off” with “Go B’s!”

    B) The picture you used was well placed. It wasn’t distracting and reminded me of how it felt when they won the Cup. The quotes from team members were a nice touch as well.

  9. A: You show a vast knowledge of the sport without being biased towards the rest of the league. You talk about the original six and are quick to criticize the Bruins whenever needed. Reading this blog makes me feel like I’m talking to someone at the rink and I think employers will want to hire someone who provides that type of voice. I also feel that people outside the sports world can find inspiration when relating this to their own writing about their respective passions. GO GO BLACK AND GOLD! VIVA BOBBY ORR

    B: You provide the role of editorialist by mixing your opinion in to the facts, showing this is something you care deeply about. Also the curator as there are many things to talk about when discussing sports due to the complex stats. You provide us only with what is important!


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