Video: ‘Traveling Jagrs’ add Boston member

When it comes to Jagr, the one thing that everyone talks about is his bodacious mullet. Majestic and beautiful in it’s form, these extreme Jagr fans want to canonize it’s glory. With his latest jersey change, it came time to induct a Bruins Jagr into the mix, in a heartfelt moving ceremony.

Did you cry too?

Go B’s!



Sure, it’s been a while since Jaromir Jagr rocked a mullet (or even questionable facial hair), but the “Traveling Jagrs” honor his star-journeyman career by chronicling his many stops in jersey form. Now that the future Hall of Famer has been traded to the Boston Bruins, it only seems natural that the group added a Boston member.

Apparently they take the process very fake-seriously, too:

[nbcsports_video src= service=nhl width=590 height=353 fv=catid=0&id=241954&server=]

Interesting that New York Rangers Jagr did the honors …

(Screenshot via’s video.)

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