Sidney Crosby out Indefinitely, Story from the Puck at Fault

Crosby Injured

Image provided from ESPN

One of the big names in hockey is Sidney Crosby. Or sorry, the big name in hockey is Sidney Crosby. Leading goal scorer in the NHL by 10 points, Crosby is a name that will always come up. Unfortunately for him, his ice time has often been plagued with injury. After his concussion in the midst of the 2010-2011 season, “he was sidelined for the final 41 games in 2011 and the Stanley Cup playoffs, in addition to skipping most of the 2012 regular season as symptoms lingered” (Denver Post).

It looks like Crosby is facing (hah) more bench time, as a puck to the mouth in the first two minutes of Saturday’s game against the Islanders hospitalized the star.

Joining us now is the puck that broke Crosby’s jaw.

B2B&G (Back to Black and Gold): Good morning Puck. How are you feeling today?

Puck: Probably better than Crosby.

B2B&G: Ah, diving right into it. So you’ve heard that Crosby is now out indefinately for the rest of the season, how does that make you feel?

Puck: Mournful, but, injuries are all a part of the game.

B2B&G: Was the hit intentional?

Puck: Of course not. You try steering once you’ve been launched into the air by a slapshot.

B2B&G: The Penguins have acquired a number of veteran stars to bolster their team. How much of an effect do you think Crosby’s absence will have on the Pens?

Puck: Well they won on Saturday didn’t they? I think they’ll be fine.

B2B&G: They are looking like the team to beat come the playoffs, what advice would you have for the other Eastern Conference teams?

Puck: Don’t try to take them all out with injury, they’re clearly capable of doing that themselves.

B2B&G: Crosby lost a few pearly whites in the hit. Do you think he’ll mirror the look of players like Dustin Brown (LA Kings) or Alex Ovechkin (Washington Capitals)?

Puck: That Diva? I’m sure he’ll come back flashing a full smile. Better looking than before even.

B2B&G: Well he is the ‘face of hockey’. Well, just like Crosby’s ice time from Saturday, we’re out fo time here. Thanks for joining us Puck, and I hope things work out for you. Go B’s!




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