Bruins Burned by Iginla – Penguins Pleased

Incase you missed it, the Bruins thought they had Iginla in the bag. And they did. Until he chose to go to the Penguins.

After the shootout loss the to Montreal Canadiens, the Bruins could have used a pick up. According to anyone you asked it was going to be in the shape of Calgary’s Jarome Iginla. Arron Ward posted late on Twitter that it was a done deal, while many other Bruins reporters already had columns drying, waiting for the confirmation to hit send.

And then it all fell apart.

Iginla is a player that had a no trade clause tied onto his contract, which means he got the final say. And what did he have to say? He wanted to go to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Why? Because that was his best shot as a Stanley Cup.

Sorry you didn’t want to have to work and fight for a Stanley Cup with the Bruins bud, but ride to victory on Sidney Crosby’s shoulders. Newsflash, it takes heart to win, not a sharp shooter (Cough Tampa Bay, cough).

Peter Charelli wanted the story to be told to upset Bruins fans, so the Bruins twitter offered his side of the story:

“We were informed around noon yesterday [Wednesday] that we had the player, we won the sweepstakes, so to speak. He just had to talk to Jarome and his agent regarding the logistics of everything.” Peter Charelli told the media.

Ignila decided then that he would rather go to the Penguins, who offered much less for him. The Bruins were ready to give up their first round draft pick, defenseman Matt Bartkowski and up and comer Alexander Khokhlachev. The Penguins only offered up the rights to Kenneth Agostino and Ben Hanowski, and their first round pick [x].

The Penguins have also aqcuired Dallas Stars veteran winger Brenden Morrow and San Jose Sharks defenseman Douglas Murray , making them the team to beat. “I don’t even know why we’d bother playing the playoffs,” Senators coach Paul MacLean half-joked. (Read more).

Weeelp. Should be interesting to see how the Penguins do.
Especially since Crosby is now out indefinately with a broken jaw.
Go B’s!


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