President Tim Thomas… Too Soon?

The LAKings visited the white house today. I awknowledge that this is a Bruins blog, but I couldn’t help sharing this tweet from Pancakes, er, Dustin Penner of the Kings…

After careful consideration I’ve decided not to visit the White House today for political reasons LOL JK I’m not an idiot!Free trip? I’m in!

— Dustin Penner (@Dustinpenner25) March 26, 2013

It might be just me, but I found this tweet hilarious. I laughed at it this morning. If you don’t remember the whole Time Thomas debacle feel free to click here.

In short, he refused to meet the President in order to make a political stand. It was in poor taste, and clearly that’s what Tim Thomas is going to be remembered for instead of the amazing goal tending that secured the Stanley Cup for the Boston Bruins.

Anyway, I found Penner’s tweet funny and worth sharing. Especially if you, like me, found Thomas’s stand to be absurd.

Go B’s!



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