A Few Reasons Hockey Players are Just Regular Guys

A consistent question that I’m asked is why hockey? Especially in Boston when the Red Sox and Patriots are everywhere and then some. Why hockey? This is an incredibly easy question for me to answer, and one big pull are the men who put the jerseys on. No, no. Not their looks, don’t write me off so quick. Hockey players are generally the most down to earth sportsmen ever. You can get punched in the face by the opposite team, and then share a laugh over a brew within an hour. They can lose teeth, take hard hits, and sustain injuries that in any other sport would have them out for months, but here they are back for their next shift. While money I’m sure is a big pull for these guys, they don’t make nearly as much as diva baseball players, or require the star status of football players.

Here’s an array of photos to help emphasis how hockey players are just like other guys.


They go to the Movies

They go to the Movies (Brian Boyle NYR)

They get dressed up for Halloween

They get dressed up for Halloween (Andrew Ference)

They go to sport games

They go to sporting events. (Tyler Seguin, Brad Marchand)


They go to the beach

They go to the beach. (Benoit Pouliot)


They fall asleep on airplanes. (Gregory Campbell)

And most of all,

They Golf

They Golf (Gregory Campbell)



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