Tim Thomas Trade Bene-Fiscal for Bs.

On February seventh, Tim Thomas was traded to the New York Islanders for nothing. Oh, sorry, for a ‘conditional second round pick’ if the former Bruins plays this season. If Thomas sits this season as he intends, the Bruins get nothing for the trade. However the Bruins look to be on the winning end of this deal, because without Thomas the Bruins gained 5,000,000$ to play with before they hit their salary cap. There is an interview with Peter Charelli here where he talks about it. Most notable is when the Bruins’ General Manager said, “First and foremost, Tim was, obviously, a huge part of our team and said that in all likelihood he wasn’t going to play this year, so he became an asset. Both an asset and a liability…. We were able to trade him and it gives us some flexibility as far as acquiring players, as far as signing some players this year.”

That five million dollars could increase to nine million if the Bruins move concussed Marc Savard onto Long Term Injured Reserve. Savard suffered two concussions in the span of 10months, ending his career in January of 2011. The ex-forward tweets, his handle @MSavvy91 where he posted on October 22nd, 2012:

“For the fans that keep asking there is no comeback in the foreseeable future I miss the game it has given me everything I have today
Trust me I will give back to the game kids hockey, OHL hockey, #illbeback
I do in fact hope there is still a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel to play but that rest on the doctor shoulders so far #nochance
thanks to my fans for all the positive thoughts and encouragement”

With all that space available to the Bruins the table talk has turned to what they should do with this all of this money. One of the most passed around names for the Bruins to consider is the Calgary Flames winger Jarome Iginla.

CSN’s Joe Haggerty said in an article here  that “Iginla would be the exact kind of rugged, hard-nosed winger with size, strength and offensive ability that Bruins management normally covets.” Haggerty then points out that the 35year old player seems to be fading out fo the limelight in Calgary, this season Iginla only has one goal, and 9 assists in 15 games. However the reporter then adds that the trip to Boston could be the motivation this player needs to get back in the game, citing the positive effect Boston had on Mark Recchi and Brian Rolston.

During tonight’s game, the LA Kings vs. Calgary Flames, the Kings tweeted between the 2nd and third periods:

Maybe this forward just needs the right motivation. The Bruins could use more players that actually put shots on net instead of just passing in circles.

Mike Milbury argues on CSNNE’s new show CrossCheck that they would end up paying too much for Iginla with no promise of excellence. Milbury, who played for the Bruins, coached for the Bruins, and has experience as a GM argues in favor of Colorado Avalanche player Ryan O’Reilly who would be “a good prospect and a roster player.”

Haggerty goes on to promote the idea of taking back Michael Ryder from the Dallas Stars. I love this idea personally. The Star had 35 goals and 62 points in Dallas last season and already has the desired chemistry with our players Charelli is desperately seeking. He would be thrown back on the line with Chris Kelly and Rich Peverley where he was when we won the Cup in 11, just bumping Chris Bourque back to the AHL (which really wouldn’t be such a bad thing).

If chemistry is what the Bruins are looking for, another option is to look into Ottawa Senator Daniel Alfredsson. The BleacherReport writer Nicholas Goss wrote “Alfredsson would be an ideal forward for the Bruins’ third line, where former Senators teammate Chris Kelly plays center. Kelly and Alfredsson were together in Ottawa for five-and-a-half seasons before the 32-year-old Kelly was dealt to Boston at the trade deadline during the 2010-11 season.” Goss’ article goes on to quote ESPN.com’s Pierre LeBrun in stating:

“Could Alfredsson be enticed to leave his one and only NHL club to take a shot at a first-ever Stanley Cup? […] The connections, of course, are obvious: GM Peter Chiarelli used to work in Ottawa’s front office and B’s captain Zdeno Chara is a former teammate of Alfredsson’s. If there’s one team that could entice Alfredsson, I’m not sure there’s a better fit than Boston.”

Those are just a few names floating around. Some food for thought as we approach the April 4th trade deadline. If I could make miracles happen, I’d bring Savard back. He had the Bruins power play operating like a smooth oiled machine (or however that phrase goes) and was, for lack of a better word and because I like puns, quite puck savvy.

Since that option isn’t in the foreseeable future I’m going to root for the return of Michael Ryder. Anything could happen between now an April. Who would you like to see dawn a spoked B?



2 thoughts on “Tim Thomas Trade Bene-Fiscal for Bs.

    • I’M SO UPSET. He probably wasn’t going to come to the Bruins anyway, but the CANADIENS. REALLY RYDER. Granted he played for them before and the trade actually sounds like a win for Ryder and the Stars, but just, any other team and it would be fine.


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