Snowed out of the Garden

After losing to the New Jersey Devils’ 4-2 on Thursday February 7th, the Tampa Bay Lightning flew into Boston for their game on Saturday. A game that was supposed to be played at 1:00pm, then postponed to 7, before being cancelled with only four hours till puck drop.

Bruins Andrew Ference and Tyler Seguin joked with fans on their respective Twitters about the snow and getting to the Garden for their game.

With both teams and the game officials in the area, the NHL policy is to have them play. Jack Edwards was positive there would be a game up untiil the NHL made the following statement: “No game tonight: travel conditions remain too hazardous for fans, security personnel and TD Garden staff to get to the arena.”

Joe Haggerty reported this morning that the Bruins website has added a game against the Lightning on April 26th.
Edit: Just kidding. NHL took the date down. New date TBD.

Hope everyone survived the blizzard.




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